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Fastspeed recommend Parcel2Go for all your non sameday deliveries.

Parcel 2 Go offer various nextday and 2/3 day options for the
safe delivery of your consignments at very competitive rates

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Economy parcel service

Fastspeed Couriers have linked up with Parcel2Go to offer a fantastic range of economy delivery services. If its documents or parcels, Parcel 2 Go have the answer.

Correct Packaging

If an overnight delivery then good packaging is one of the most important things and too often gets overlooked.
Always use a strong rigid carton. Use a carton made of high quality corrugated cardboard preferably double walled to ensure strength, durability and protection. Avoid using a carton more than once as it's strength and therefore the protection it offers is reduced the more times it is handled.

Choose the correct size of carton to match the contents. Under-filled boxes are likely to collapse, and over-filled burst open.
If the carton is under-filled use padding materials such as polystyrene chips and shredded paper to fill it out.
Wrap all items separately within the carton with protective cushioning such as bubble wrap. If possible ensure no items are touching the walls of the carton.
Seal the carton with strong tape designed for shipping - everyday sellotape is not sufficient.
Ensure all the carton is sealed securely with the flaps taped down along the middle and on both ends over the corners.
When putting the carton together use strong staples or tape to ensure the base is secure and will not come open in transit.
Many goods are shipped in the manufacturer's original packaging which is not always suitable for an overnight parcel system.
Items such as boxes of CD's, DVD's and video tapes need to be packed with cushioning material around each item.
Goods being sent in an Expresspak also need to be protected just as much as those in a carton. Expresspaks are designed as means of carriage, not protection. 'Fragile' and 'Handle with Care' labels are no substitute for good packaging - they are for information only. If you can hear or feel the contents of the carton moving inside then they are not packed properly.
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  • All Vehicle types
  • Guaranteed next-day service
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